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  1. SomniusX

    SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M)

    I've managed to make it work and i've everything working except proper stepping, only 8 and 20 and the webcam. Working WiFi with Atheros 9285 modded kext and injector (files)Ethernet (Realtek 81xx)Audio, full support with latest VoodooHDA plus when i plug headphones it knows and automatically swaps to them.. no problems or clicks, just some "hisss"USB 3.0 (universal kexts) works only if something is inserted on the port on boot, and afterwards no problem.Not Working Webcam, don't care muchScreen brightness control, i use an app that changes the brightness by playing with graphics until i fix it.Boot flags? Well installed with GraphicsEnabler=Yesnv_disable=1 (cause you know, 540m )Used Hackintosh Vietnam Tool, with Vanilla USB. Chameleon is my bootloader and i've got no problems booting into the windows partition on the same disk. ? My thermals seem to work ok?snpy.in/y1gnrz?snpy.in/Oymemq I've built SSD for my i5 CPU but still i use NullCPUPM cause i get Kp's on each boot. ? I'm in great need of the following : Proper DSDT patches for the H67 mobo. - Power control is my main concern cause Apple Power Management Patches tend to break on my, haven't found one that works and each time i revert back and use NullCPUPM. - Display backlight, brightness is my second concernI'd like to use AppleHDA patched but didn't had the time to play with more than Generic (and latest) VoodooHDA that does the work.And last, if there is an easy way, the Webcam, not that i use it everyday, i've got my phone for these things, but for the occasional vid-chat Well that is it until now. I'll post back with more things, when and if i have time to tamper with more things...
  2. I was searching for two weeks a way to control panel brighness for my new hackbook.. didn't have success with dsdt and other kexts so i stumbled upon an "app" yes an app..? ? "Brightness Slider" on MAS https://itunes.apple.com/gr/app/brightness-slider/id456624497?mt=12 ? guys, it does the job, restores brightness to previous level upon restart, can accept keyboard shortcuts for bright up/down, it's the thing i needed! ? (click for larger) ? p.s. IT WORKS!!!!!
  3. click for larger ? SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M) ? ? Is there hope for this machine that is going to be given to me the day after tomorrow? ? I'm gonna do my test using the "known" tools, rooting for 10.10.x ? If anybody has experience with it please share it with me! ? Thank you!
  4. SomniusX

    [SOLVED] Dual Monitor - VGA/DVI

    sorry didn't had the time to revisit this thread with a proper reply.. 10.8.5 had dual monitors 10.10.4 only have the big one.. i've just downloaded the web drivers, gonna check them right away, plus i'm having some new cables next week i'll report back
  5. γενικά να π?οτιμείς λειτου?γικά που είναι στην κυκλοφο?ία για ναέχεις την δυνατότητα να β?εις και πε?ισσότε?ες πλη?οφο?ίες οnline..
  6. SomniusX


    Δοκίμασε άλλο sata port για το optical drive σου και πες μας εάν κατάφε?ες κάτι από το Μά?τιο μέχ?ι σήμε?α.
  7. Ευχα?ιστο?με για τις ακ?ιβείς εξηγήσεις των ο?ολογιών! ? Καλώς ή?θες στην πα?έα, το ξέ?ω λίγο α?γά αλλά δεν λάμβανα ειδοποιήσεις, πε?αστικός είδα τι νέο έχει γ?αφτεί ? edit: αν θες βάλε στην υπογ?αφή σου τι μηχανάκι έχεις κλπ κλπ
  8. SomniusX

    [SOLVED] Dual Monitor - VGA/DVI

    Well it was the cable and it also was a pin out of place and left a piece on the dvi.. solved it a week ago..? for almost 8 months now i had the black bars!!! OMG
  9. SomniusX

    [SOLVED] Dual Monitor - VGA/DVI

    ? No no.. there is no HDMI on the Game.. my card has dual dvi ports and i've got two vga monitors.. my bios and clover starts on the right monitor, hack boots up and works on the left, with no way to enable the right one on it
  10. SomniusX

    Zotac GTX 560 OC 1GB *NEW VERSION*

    it worked like a charm for 10.8, can we re-pack or test on 10.10.1 ?
  11. SomniusX

    [SOLVED] Dual Monitor - VGA/DVI

    as the topic suggests i've got two LG monitors one square 19" and one 22" wide.. i'm using msi nv 560 and from 10.8 i had both working with vga to dvi adaptors, cause the msi has dual dvi's.. on mavs didn't had any problems.. on 10.10.1 now i've got my self in a strange situation.. ? the computer boots up on the right one which is the main, so i see bios and Clover and his menu etc. i hit enter to boot up the Yosemite disk and i see the apple and the bar loading hear voodoohda fire up ( ) and i get into the os.. "in the left monitor !!!" and i can't even see on the display pref.pane the right one!!! :-O ? anybody? ? cc @Rene ?
  12. SomniusX

    Install Yosemite 10.10

    το έβαλα γιατί "δεν" β?ήκα άλλη λ?ση μπας και
  13. SomniusX

    Install Yosemite 10.10

    β?ε την βλέπει κομπλέ και όλα καλά.. έχω θέμα με τις οθόνες.. δες εδώ ? http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/14688-new-build-h4ck-mk2-h77-d3h16gb-ram-4x4x1333i5-2500kgtx560/ ? τελευταίο post το θέμα μου με την οθόνη και την ανάλυση

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