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  1. ? have 4 files to install 5100 wifi card but ? dont know install which one

  2. sakuratori90

    [email protected] Wireless Wifi Link 5100/5300

    I posted this in hoping if some one who can help us.
  3. sakuratori90

    [email protected] Wireless Wifi Link 5100/5300

    I've uploaded these, but I haven't succesed with them. So if anybody have a solution, just let me know, plis.
  4. sakuratori90

    USB not working

    yes. my problems are similar to yours. My USB worked but now is not, I don't know what i did wrong. Only this way can make my USB works is boot my computer with iB{censored}... Any ideal for this problems. And my wifi's card is intel? wireless wifi link 5100, my bluetooth and my webcam not work. Help me..

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