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  1. Thank you kali2000 is there any chance you could show me the Azul patch you used for 0306 port I been trying for months to get High Sierra Azul patch to work many many thanks Dave
  2. zappy39

    need new DSDT patch

    Hi as any body got the new sabertooth p67 dsdt patch for bios 3209 many Thanks For any Help
  3. zappy39

    DSDT For Asus Sabertooth P67

    Hi All If any body can Help Need Patched DSDT.aml For Asus Sabertooth P67 with latest 2302 Bios and Intel core i7-2600K. 8gig DDR3 Gskill (2x4g) Ripjaws ATI Powercolor amd HD 6950 GPU 2GIG I Thank you for any help at all. Dave
  4. Hi

    Would you please tell me how you install mac on your HP as well as how can I use drawing kernel?


  5. zappy39

    Darwin Lion package (lapic.fix)

    Thanks Works great on Hp Pavilion Dv6 intel i5 430m cpu.
  6. zappy39

    OS X Lion kernel (lapic_native)

    Hi ive got hp dv6 2105ea intel i5 430m and need kernel for lion 10.7.3 Thanks

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