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  1. Hey, I installed Mac OS El Capitan on my AMD computer form USB (to moment when I had to restart my computer). After restarting it can’t boot into Mac OS. When I try to boot form my USB (Enhoch bootloader), choise my “Macintosh HD” and press enter it can’t boot - just restart PC My motherboard: ASUS M2N68-AM-SE-2 Processor AMD athlon II X2 245 Asus GTS 450 graphics
  2. Smilese1

    Problem with booting NVIDIA

    Hey, I have some problems with booting Mac OS 10.6.3 with Chameleon bootloader. When I try to boot it stucks on Apple logo. My motherboard - ASUS ASUS M2N68-AM-SE-2 and Nvidia GTS 450
  3. Smilese1

    No /Extra folder on the Macintosh HD

    Somethings wrong is with Chameleon installer (.pkg) 2.2 and 2.3 on this website. When I installed Chameleon wizard everyting is on the right place (Extra folder etc.)
  4. Smilese1

    No /Extra folder on the Macintosh HD

    Still there is not org.chameleon file 😕
  5. Hey, which top version of the mac os system can be installed on a pc with a asus m2n68-am se2 motherboard (AMD)? There is no AHCI function in BiOS Setup and two ports SATA (Nvidia NForce controller). 10.6.8 works but i want something newer
  6. I installed on brand new MacOS 10.6.3 Chameleon v2.3. After installation there weren't any files on Macintosh HD (not even "extra" folder). When I installed Chameleon v2.2 there was Chameleon.backups and boot file but there wasn't "Extra" folder and "org.chameleon..." file to configure Bootloader ;/ what should I do ?

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