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    I have used OSX almost zero, although I used to use Mac back in the OS9 PowerPC days. Having an interest in film/ video/ music/ audio production has everyone telling me "get a Mac!" because of software only on there so i'm trying to get back in.

    I'm trying to learn about Hackintoshes/Mac-on-Intel to build my own because i'm an impoverished film student and I cant afford either a single purpose Mac only box, or I expect to need more performance than my budget otherwise allows.

    I also have an interest in retrocomputing (although that's lower priority) and might want to play around with older OSX "just for fun" if there's still a ways to do so.
  1. zephfox

    LGA1366 workstation (Intel 5520) based??

    Okay, I was just looking for rules of thumb - which you just gave me. No mega overclocks, and probably fine for anything I might attempt. (worst case might be a 24 core in the further off future) I know and i'm thankful for any response - there's just SO MUCH information out there (I can google for information, but i'm not sure what the most updated info on best practices is) - part of why i'm wanting 5520 is I know I have a Snow Leopard install disc around here... somewhere... and that seemed about that era, and turns out thats the last with Rosetta which I wanted to experiment with anyways. I didn't know if certain boards were better than others, but if the chipset is in general supported I guess i'll just try something, or when I see a candidate search for that looking for specific feedback. More than 64 gigs yes will be for VMware ESXi and things like Adobe Premiere working with 8k ProRes 4:4:4:4 footage. Even 128 is considered marginal in that case at times, but the second Hackintosh will be an LGA 2011 system with an appropriate board and a newer OS so it's okay. I dont need mega RAM for Mac, but the hardware wont only be running Mac/planned multiboot and experimenting with things is all. I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be lazy or frustrating, I was just wondering if there were quicker rules of thumb like there are about other hardware - like I know to go Gigabyte for motherboard, and Nvidia for video card to try and make it easier. I was wondering if there was a single provider recommended for SAS2 cards - google tells me that yes there are SAS cards supported, but I was hoping someone had a quick and dirty answer to avoid reading hundreds of posts trying to assess reliability or other issues. I'm trying to keep a 'first hackintosh' as easy as possible (other than preferring the 5520 board I mean) so if there's a best answer for an 8 port SAS2 HBA i'll probably just look for that specifically.
  2. zephfox

    LGA1366 workstation (Intel 5520) based??

    I left in the segments most relevant. As far as CPU support I mostly meant are there any oddities within a single lineage, like if a slower LGA 1366 works should a faster one, or is there something like "only up to X cores" for LGA 2011 ones and such. If Intel 5520 workstation chipset is supported great - what i'm asking for is suggestions of motherboards with this chipset, which maybe works better so I can make a shopping list? I've looked at HCL's (not exhaustively) but all I ever seem to see are desktop boards I mean, ie X58. I'm still wondering if there's more than one HCL out there or if one is 'definitive' or such since I didn't even know Intel 5520 was supported until you mentioned it for instance. FWIW my primary reason for wanting a workstation board is support of lots of DDR3 ECC RAM so boards supporting anywhere from 128-288GB I think i've seen out there is what i'm looking for to be a bit future proof! I also like lots of RAM slots because less dense RAM can tend to be cheaper even if I don't max capacity. (I will probably start at 64gb but plan to upgrade later to at least 128-144GB if all works well) Gigabyte sounds to be the most compatible solution, I am not sure which specific boards they have but if there are recommended models i'm all ears! As soon as I can find say one or more Gigabyte Intel 5520 type board options, with lots of RAM, available used on ebay for ~$60-100 (hoping no more as this is a budget build), that's known to work with OSX that will be my first purchase. Followed by CPU and RAM. Alternately if there's highly compatible with OSX options for Supermicro and Tyan and Intel those are fine too - I may have other reasons for preferring them. Are there any apple supported SAS HBA cards or SAS Expanders?
  3. zephfox

    LGA1366 workstation (Intel 5520) based??

    Thanks for the response! Tackling line by line... though first, are there either any other forums on the web or websites, specifically in regards to hardware compatibility lists for me to search or peruse endlessly? I mean I know of InsanelyMac, {a place that just got censored out of my post, though maybe I understand why, since I saw some unfriendly mod behavior there}, and here. Lists seem a little sparse at times but I assume it just means someone tested X and found X to work, similar hardware probably has a good chance of working but not 100% until you go be the guinea pig. CPU - so there are specific cpu's that actually DONT work within a line? I would have assumed anything should work. Motherboard - this is the trickiest problem i'm trying to solve. Searching in the past for Intel 5520 and OSX86 I didn't see much, no I haven't exhaustively poured over everything but I wasn't even sure which website had the most complete list(s). Also i'm aware what may work on one older or newer version isn't guaranteed to work on any other. One reason I don't mind making an LGA 1366 first build is I may actually want to twiddle around with substantially older OSX at times, to the point that even if I were to build a newer rig NOW, i'd still want to go back and build an older rig later, to run that older OSX that the newer one cant anyways. So i'm just starting on the old rig period to make my learning machine/lower risk. By the time i'm confident in my Mac installing and using skills i'll see about newer hardware options. I'd love to find out if some people have some tested working Workstation-class boards (specifically Intel 5520 as that's the only option I see for 1366, and they are cheaper than X58 while supporting alot more RAM which I need) and might just play it safe getting what they got. Even adding aftermarket cards for other features or to get around not working on board hardware is not out of the question as a workaround provided the core mobo works properly - because I need to multiboot this mobo with Windows and Linux as well, and i'm choosing LGA 1366 because I need alot of RAM (64gb plus) for those versions. GPU is already pretty well set to Nvidia - possibly even an old Quadro, if there's any benefit (albeit real old ones) or slightly newer softmodded ones. (like a Geforce 200-400 series, I forget what they can mod into) I might, eventually, like a truly new GPU when bitcoinmania takes a dive and something like a 1070 becomes affordable. In general i'm using old hardware because of the starving college student syndrome - I need enough to get the work done, and no more for now... will upgrade later. One possibly important feature I would like support for is to know which add in SAS controllers might be available (Serial Attached SCSI) specifically with a plan to use an LTO6 Ultrium tape drive. This is to be an Audio/Video and light 3d rendering rig and will periodically be backing up alot of data. If there are critical differences with different SAS HBA's (or somehow LTO drives, though I can't see how) please inform.
  4. Hi people, i'm new here, and although i'm aware there are hardware guides and such, my questions and ideas might be a little out of the ordinary so i'm asking anyway. I wont jump ahead of myself though, my first comment is that I want to build using a used workstation based motherboard... specifically i'd like one for an LGA 1366 cpu using xeon cpu chips, meaning I assume the Intel 5520 chipset. When i've perused HCL type lists I never seem to see much listed for workstation gear, mostly desktops. I'd prefer to buy just a mobo with this but an entire older workstation isn't out of the question - my main criteria is using DDR3 ECC RAM. I also plan to multiboot it with non-Mac OS as well. Further complicating things is that I would like to run OSX versions other than just the latest. One reason is for software compatibility - for instance i'm told that Final Cut Pro 7 will no longer work as of 10.13 no matter what you do, so that makes me want a dual boot with 10.12 and 10.13. Then I realize there might be other software that no longer works either so I can't say that's the only older OS I may be interested in! I'm not sure what else offhand because i'm new to mac stuff (except for the way old PowerPC days) but wanting to get back into it, learn about it, and start using apps under it. I could expand things further but i'll wait to see how the first questions go.

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