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  1. Rory

    Account Deletion

    Hey there ... strange! Let me check for you ... If you don't mind me asking - why are we losing a trusted member?
  2. If you are bored of CES videos then you should watch this Make sure to subscribe - give thumbs up etc etc - you know the drill!
  3. Rory

    Account Deletion

    Hi there - you can now delete your account using Account Settings You just need to request and an admin will delete ASAP (it's just the way the module works) Make sure to come back if you need something again!
  4. Rory

    Is it possible to run hackintosh on iMac A1207

    No shame in asking the question though! You could something like Puppy Linux easily or any other light distro then use it as a second screen with Synergy The thing is that - old machines draw lots of power - so a cheap new second screen is probably better. But then again.... that is no fun - and is not as cool
  5. Rory


    Unfortunately, due to the actions of a previous administrator, we have lost all data back to October. This person (who shall remain nameless) tried to shut down the entire site and block access to the data. Luckily, they are as inept as they are evil, so we didn't lose as much as we could have Apologies to everyone who has lost questions or comments - please take the time to ask again. But hey, it's a lesson to us all - you WILL need that backup you didn't think you needed
  6. Rory

    Battery Status on HP-8470p with macOS 10.13

    @kyndder @noname @noway @Allan @fantomas
  7. If anyone want's to delete their account, they can now do this in account settings: Once you submit a delete. the forum module requires that an administrator approves it (we would prefer a straight delete too!), then all of your posts will be set to anonymous and all of your user data removed. Be aware - if you do this - you will hurt a Unicorns feelings
  8. Thanks for reporting this! 


    We are checking with our hosts and I will let you know when it is restored.



  9. Rory

    BSA AMD Kernel

    Hi there @dynessence and happy new year This is a pretty old thread, but it just looks like drop the kexts as normal and then apply the diff? patch = diff Let us know how you get on
  10. Rory

    Random Kernel Panic at Start or Restart

    Damn @Dmos - like a pro!
  11. Rory

    need help

    Looks like it isn't seeing the boot sector or the boot sector of your usb dive is not marked as active. If you can do a dump of your partition table and post then we can have a look. Also, if you have another PC to try it on then do that - you can then confirm the usb drive is the issue not your Dell
  12. Rory

    stuck at language screen

    hi there faarie, I am sure someone here can help you but try to provide as much information, screenshots and logs as you can. 1) More info 2) Better answer 3) ???? 4) Hackintosh!
  13. Rory

    macOS 10.13.1 final released!

    70 new emoji?? I am not sure I have that many emotions to express! Maybe I am just getting too old... I wonder if Gopher supports it.....

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