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    OSInstaller(MBR)+OSInstall.mpkg 10.10.x

    its so complicated can u explain HFS PArtition which one ? the usb or hdd
  3. Zille Hasnain

    Clover not able to boot from HDD

    First things first: ? ? 1. See my signatures 2. I have UEFI but its modules are locked in BIOS menu i only see is boot from External, Internal, Optical or Network Device ? ? ? ? The Problem: ?"I installed OS X Yosemite with USB by using Clover r2999 as a legacy mode and booted correctly from that USB which is formated as FAT32/MBR... Clover works like a charm. I partitioned my 500GB HDD into 3 partitions Formatted GPT/Journaled all of them. When i installed clover on the Partition where Yosemite is installed and rebooted without a USB my system doesn't detect Clover from HDD it says "Operating System not found" ?I changed boot order:1. Internal HDD ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?2. External USB ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?3. Optical DVD ? Still not able to boot to Clover. ? Now, I plugged in USB again and with the same boot order it booted from USB to the Clover menu and i can boot Yosemite easily. ? When I installed Clover on HDD(Yosemite) I checked all possible options many times? ? 1.a Install clover in ESP 1b.boot0af in MBR 1c. Drivers64 (NO LUCK) 2.a?Install clover in ESP 2b.boot0ss in MBR 2c. Drivers64?(NO LUCK) 3.a?boot0af in MBR ?3a. OSXAptioFxdrv ? ? ?3c. install RC scripts and 3d. Clover Preference Pane ? ? ? ? No possible solutions left until i read from an online blog: ? Some BIOSes and EFIs require that at least one hard disk have at least one MBR partition that's marked as bootable/active to boot in BIOS mode. Since the protective MBR's single EFI GPT (0xEE) partition is not normally flagged in this way, the affected firmware won't boot from GPT disks.? ? ? Can't figure out what to do ? USB Legacy boot ---->>> WORKING ? (FAT32/MBR 1 whole Disk no partitions) HDD boot -------------->>> NOT WORKING (Journaled/GPT 3 partitions 1 EFI system Partition) ? ? HELP ME PLEASE? ?
  4. Zille Hasnain

    Clover boots from USB only

    I have same issue with my bios,? ? I easily installed Yosemite 10.10 with USB legacy boot by using Clover bootloader r2999 on a usb MS-FAT/MBR but when i finally installed Yosemite and installed bootloader on Yosemite HDD i am unable to boot from HDD directly. ? it says "Operating System not found" as it doesn't detects Clover in HDD? ?but when i plug in USB it boots directly to clover and then from clover to Yosemite like a charm ? Can't figure out how to direct boot from HDD any ideas? ? i read a while ago: ? ? ?
  5. Zille Hasnain

    Can I hackintosh??

    No luck for AMD processors?
  6. Zille Hasnain


    Transcript Offline : Buffer pool allocate [18100] failed ? ?? ?
  7. Zille Hasnain


    Finally I'm able to boot into bios by preparing FAT32 legacy clover usb installer in MBR? ? using Hackintosh Vietnam Tool? ? CPU; Sandy Bridge Mobile Graphics: Intel HD 3000 low resolution 1378 x 786(i think) ? flags:?-f GraphicsEnabler=Yes kext-dev-mode=1 UseKernelCache=Yes ? ? now the problem is when i make config.plist with Hackintosh Veitnam tool and boot from USB none of the Partitions appear on Clover main menu i can see only about clover terminal options but no selection of hard driver or partions ? what can be the possible mistake ?
  8. Zille Hasnain

    ALC 269 kext & DSDT

    How to patch to DSDT?
  9. Zille Hasnain


    Uploaded DSDT have a look... Thanks acpi_dsdt.zip
  10. Zille Hasnain


    ok I created DSDT with AIDA64 from windows 7 and I'm completely new in hackintosh i dont know what to do next... ? Previously when i installed OSx MAvericks i did made it to the desktop but with no luck on video graphics? ?
  11. Zille Hasnain

    Sony Vaio SVE17127 DSDT with bootable graphics (No QE yet)

    I have a vaio but i cant figure out how to do all this i extracted DSDT with AIDA64 can u help me please
  12. Zille Hasnain


    ok i created signatures i didn't install OSx yet coz it was not stable very slow and hanging and low quality video profile?
  13. Zille Hasnain

    HD 3000 1024 mb (10.10)

    how to make it 2gb or 1.8gb ?my HD 3000 is 1.8 GB
  14. Zille Hasnain


    ? Alright and what about Graphics i got switchable graphics? ? Intel HD 3000 + ATI RAdeon 6630M ?i know it does not support switchable and the main problem is my bios in this pc is locked i can view only few option can't even disable GPU ?

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