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  1. my build: Acer TravelMate P643M boot loader: Legacy Chameleon When I reboot my VoodooHDA pane, and sound settings default to "headphones (black left)" output instead of "speaker analog". Having to set sound output each time is the issue I was hoping someone could help me resolve. Anyones help on this would be much appreciated. Attached are some screenshots that may be of some help. Thank you
  2. my build: Acer TravelMate P643M boot loader: Legacy Chameleon I originally had an intel card in which the bluetooth side worked fine and the wifi did not so I went ahead and installed the "Atheros Qualcomm Ar9462 Ar5b22 Wb222 Half Mini Pci-e Bluetooth Bt Wireless WiFi Card" thinking this would be the easy solve, but not the case. Now WiFi works and bluetooth does not. I have been told Mojave does not support Atheros anymore, but I am hoping since my Wifi works my bluetooth could possibly be fixed. Does anyone have any direction for me? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

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