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  1. bugmenot0

    Compatibiliy and Help?

    Hello, ? ?Can anyone help and see if this is compatible? Its an AMD build. (I know OS x is not meant to run on AMD and it will be hard but im willing to try) ? Parts List: GA-970A-UD3P (rev.2) AMD-FX 6300 (Black Edition) 1x8Gb HyperX Fury RAM EVGA 750 Ti w/ ACX Cooling (Same thing as regular 750 Ti, but just has a better cooler) Sandisk SSD (Windows 8.1[boot drive]) WD 1TB HDD (Extra Storage) ? Can someone help? Do you have the same build and succeded with a OS x boot up? What do i need to do? I'm good with computers, but new to hackintosh and just need some help. ? Thank you, In advanced!!
  2. bugmenot0

    [NEW] Intel HD 3000 & HD 4000 Driver 10.10.1

    does it work with Intel 3000 HD with Series 6 ??

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