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  1. cbbflfjz

    ML 10.8.2 mach_kernel_lapic_fix.zip

    my cpus is i7 720qm, does this work?
  2. cbbflfjz

    DSDT Hp pavilion dv6-6b53er

    and what's on screen board? on screen keyboard you mean? does mountain lion even have that feature?
  3. cbbflfjz

    DSDT Hp pavilion dv6-6b53er

    i'm using dv6 3032tx, your audio kexts worked flawlessly, but can you please explain how the brightness work? where do you change keys?
  4. cbbflfjz

    ML 10.8.2 mach_kernel_lapic_fix.zip

    can somebody confirm if dictation works with this fix, i used the one from here http://www.osx86.net/view/3011-mach_kernel_lapic_cpus=1_fix_for_ml.html and dictation isn't working

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