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    Marvel Yukon 88E8057 - AppStore/iMessage working

    It has been years, but I will try this soon with my EVGA SR-2. I know, I am one of the few left with this board as a hackintosh, but it still is a beast with 2 x5690's. I do have a working PCIE ethernet card, but I just need another PCIE slot or I wouldn't bother. I could put the GPU on the bottom slot, but that would be my last resort if I needed yet another PCIE slot.
  2. aicragleon

    CMI8738-v55-MC6 Kext.zip

    I tried it with both CMI8738 and CMI8786 and it has the same outcome as the previous kexts I have tried. ?The cards are detected but there is no sound and changing volume with the keyboard is very delayed and itunes does not work properly, more then just no audio but the files do not play (stay at 0:0) and youtube videos play only for a few seconds then stop. Has anyone else tried these kexts and gotten them to work? I am on 10.9.2.?
  3. aicragleon

    CMI8738-v55-MC6 Kext.zip

    I will be trying this tonight. ?I have had no luck with the previous kexts such as the one for SL or Lion 64 bit. ?I am excited to finally have audio without a USB device. ?I am currently on an EVGA SR-2 running 10.9.2. ?

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