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  1. gujiangjiang

    Intel Wi-Fi + Hackintosh

    No way about Intel Dual AC Wireless 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  2. gujiangjiang

    slide=0 doesn't work in OSX10.11.4

    Hello,sorry for the late repley It doesn't show the panic screen.it only show the black square or the colorful screen.
  3. gujiangjiang

    slide=0 doesn't work in OSX10.11.4

    Can anyone help me?
  4. gujiangjiang

    slide=0 doesn't work in OSX10.11.4

    My laptop is HP Pavilion g4 1018tu BIOS+Clover+GPT I5-2410M HD3000 If boot OSX without flag "slide=0",it will be Panic in a short time. However,when i update to the OSX10.11.4,the "slide=0" doesn't work on my laptop and it also panic though use this flag So i want to ask if it has a new flag replaced with the old "slide=0" to save the panic? Forgive my poor english. Thanx.
  5. gujiangjiang

    New Clover Configurator

    so cool ??
  6. gujiangjiang

    Clover Configurator

    Hello,The file is broken....Can't use it... ? Can you upload it again and give us the MD5? ? Thank you!
  7. gujiangjiang

    ML 10.8.2 mach_kernel_lapic_fix.zip

  8. gujiangjiang

    ML 10.8.1 mach_kernel lapic fix.zip

  9. gujiangjiang

    AGAIN UPDATE mach_kernel 10.7.3 for AMD!!!!!!!!

    NONO,My AMD A6-3400m CPU Does'n work!!!

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