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  1. riverspart

    Wireless LAN Broadcom BCM4313 - 0x14e4:0x4727

    Well, that's a good idea! But i need to know exactly which one that Hackintosh has stable kexts for? Or i only need to buy an USB Wifi supporting Mac OS?
  2. riverspart

    Wireless LAN Broadcom BCM4313 - 0x14e4:0x4727

    Thank for your reply. It seems that i'd better use Hackintosh without wifi Oh my god _ _!
  3. riverspart

    Wireless LAN Broadcom BCM4313 - 0x14e4:0x4727

    Thank guy! But it doesn't work with BCM4313. I'm going to buy another card for my laptop. Could you recommend me which one is the best for Hackintosh and also suites with my lap top? Lenovo G470. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, my laptop is Lenovo G470 which is listed in top ten of laptop to install Hackintosh here: The Best Hackintosh Laptops of 2012 - For Mountain Lion After setup and install more kexts, almost seems working perfectly except wireless card. My wireless is: Broadcom BCM4313, Vendor ID = 0x14e4, Device ID = 0x4727, identified by "Systeminfo version 0.5" downloaded here: http://www.osx86.net/view/1479-system_info.html I've read info in here: http://legacy.{censored}.com/wiki/index.php/Wireless_Chipset_Database to see no support for any OS X wifi feature. I've download some kexts here: http://www.osx86.net/view/2608-wifi_drivers-kexts_not_proven_to_work.html and it didn't work. I've read info here: 802.11 Linux STA driver | Broadcom to see capable of driver for linux kernel. So, please tell me the final solution for this problem: can BCM4313 wireless work with Hackintosh? if yes, how to do it? Best regard!
  5. riverspart

    No wifi after upgrade to 10.7.3

    Last night, i updated my hackintosh 10.7.3 Lion. After that, it has been being unable to boot into os. I saw icon like this: I didn't notice updating details so i don't know where the problems. I also don't use any backup method. so is there any way to undo my mistake? I vaguely remember an update for airport and bluetooth, some others for applications. my laptop: ASUS K43SJ Thanks! my update details like thats Help me. If no way undo, or you can show me files to copy and overide
  6. riverspart

    Voodoo HDA Mic

    Work for ASUS K43SJ with a little noise while playing. Thanks!
  7. riverspart

    ASUS K43SJ-VX057

    Also Work on ASUS K43SJ - VX725 except wifi+bluetooth & touchpad. Although it's been disabled in windows first. Visit http://www.osx86.net/view/2410-voodoo_hda_mic.html for audio, both speaker and mic works well. Thanks!
  8. riverspart

    ASUS Z53S with keyboard and trackpad not working..

    All don't work for me. ASUS K43SJ, iatkos 10.7.1 L1

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