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  1. killersaint

    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    I'll give it a shot... let you all know. Thanks.
  2. killersaint

    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    DOH! Same results. Set to the following: Anymore Ideas? I've updated Clover... I'm puzzled... Do you think, maybe the Cache service wants a legit registered mac?
  3. killersaint

    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    That's for serving the Cache, so that is correct. And the response is 400, not 404... but thanks for the thought
  4. Hi Guys, I've got a dilema, I want to run a OSX Server for iOS caching. So, I've got 10.11.6 up and running. But when I try to turn on Cache, I get: So I'm a bit puzzled. Any tips, my Virtualbox EFI script is: Everything else seems to work really well except this. Thanks

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