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  1. hiwa

    [ NEW ] HWMonitor v2.3.15 (1.0.111)

    Works great here z77n wifi 3770k hd6850
  2. hiwa

    DSDT Hp pavilion dv6-6b53er

    Audio is idt could u tell me ur device id ? I have a hp envy 4 with same audio i. Guess and cant maje it work with ur kexts need to use unstable voodoo, could u help me with my dsdt ? Please explain more brightness need i delete ps2controller.kext ?
  3. HP Envy SleekBook 4t mountain lion 10.8 (Installation Guide) - Notebooks - InsanelyMac Forum check here maybe u resolve try -v and post a screenshot
  4. u have to install 3rdparty AHCI kext on ur usb installer, Download AHCI.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way copy in S/L/E into ur USB installer to detect your HDD
  5. hiwa

    lapic_fix Kernel Installer

    3317U ivy on HP envy4 ok, but sometimes get KP while booting thanks for this
  6. I5 3317U IvyBridge 10GB G.SKILL 1333 (problem with 16GB on this NB) HD4000 full QE/CE Webcam works Audio perfect Vendor ID: 8086 Device id : 1e20 changed in VoodooHDA info.plist Doesn't work : Card Reader Sleep as we don't have any option to change in BIOS all locked by HP and we no have any Insyde Bios Unlocked with this model and bios F0a so we have to use some Flag in bootloader to pass USB and wait for root device (AHCI) problems, and CPUS=1 is for paching the lapic kernel make USB installer with one of them (N{censored} 10.8, myHack 1.3.2,###### ) Boot with it plugged in USB2 (single left part )and write CPUS=1 USBBusFix=yes ForceHPEToff=yes Choose your lang , open disk utility partition your HDD start install it without any customise setting when install finished again the flags CPUS=1 USBBusFix=yes ForceHPEToff=yes but this time choose your HDD not USB (i called it ML) choose keyboard bla bla when you are in desktop install the KEXTS you downloaded from the link blow on with KEXT Wizzard http://www.insanelym...howtopic=253395 Download Cameleon Wizard from here and make the org.chameleon.Boot.plist and SMBIOS.plist in Extra Folder one the close it and REPLACE my Extra Folder with the old one with all flags ready and full HD4000 QE/CE inside string http://www.insanelym...-for-chameleon/ What you need to download Download Archive.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way Download hp.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way VoodooPS2 controller and Trackpad for Synaptics http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=3210 FAKESMC if you get KP http://www.mediafire...lgxtj47kk47cn9k Check this thread for problem , Kernel Panics http://olarila.com/f...php?f=27&t=1627 Note: 1.if you have problem with VoodooHDA http://olarila.com/f....php?f=18&t=454 I add modified Info.plist in the folder u download (voodoo hp audio info) with vendor and device id and Control fix already done, replace with mine the info.plist then reboot 2. if you install/remove/modify any kext you have to repair permissions and rebuilding kext caches with KEXT WIZARD
  7. it's done on my HP envy 4 with I5 3317U and HD4000 full QE/CE tmr i'll make a list to what i do wasn't easy for me but at least it's done, maybe someone can help us to make it easier i make a rar file with all need on my notebook you will need N{censored} 10.8 mounted to install this .pkgs on you USB drive. Download Archive.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
  8. hiwa

    [Help] OSX on Samsung Series 5 Ultra

    I tried N{censored} 10.8' Retail ml and U{censored}, my hack all the time same problem cant access the installer page. Hope we find the reason.
  9. hiwa

    [Help] OSX on Samsung Series 5 Ultra

    U are using distros ? Use U{censored} or myhack ? I had that problem with U{censored} when deleted hpet passed the error Good luck hope u resolve it
  10. hiwa

    [Help] OSX on Samsung Series 5 Ultra

    it's AppleHPET.kext
  11. hiwa

    [Help] OSX on Samsung Series 5 Ultra

    U have only hd4000 u cant install lion on it no support Try ml but first delete hpet.kext in s/l/e to pass usb error Keep macbookpro smbios.plist
  12. hiwa

    HP EnVy SleekBook 4t mountain lion

    After 2 days fighting i tried with U{censored} 10.5.3 for ML and get this error now always with Flag cpus=1 to pass APIC
  13. Hi guys i am trying to install N{censored} 1.8 or retail method with U{censored} on this nice notebook Ivybridge i5 Hd4000 Bcn4313 wifi i kniw doeasnt work Rlt lan I get "still waiting for root device after com.apple.applefsccompressiontypedataless load succeeded After booting before Starts install. Tried all flags we can imagine... Without passing this part. Also tried N{censored} hp flag but no way I am using f.0a bios latest one and asked to hp support they. Said ahci Sata mode is seted by default. Using cpus=1 to pass APIC kp Using usb2 and also tried usbbugfix=yes Pcirootuid=1 and 0 Usekernelcache=no Graphicsenabler=yes and no any help will be appreciated?
  14. Its always nice to say how you resolved my friend. Maybe a day someone will use it.

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