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  1. i'm on yosemite now and still works, updated info on main page.
  2. Please continue to download most updated version from bitbucket https://bitbucket.org/kozlek/hwsensors/downloads
  3. Package [email protected]'m sorry for your painful experiences :sAre you sure it's caused by installer ? Installer just seek for FakeSMC on target partition which selected by end-user.Btw, I've Core i7 3770, GA-Z77-D3H & Clover 1151 works wonderfully also on 10.8.3 12D76GPU GTX 470.
  4. Gurqn

    GA-H77-D3H DSDT (w/ AppleHDA Patch for VIA2xxx)

    What is the point of using DSDT for Z77-D3H ? :)Except after sleep gtx 470 runs at full speed, everything just okay with only FakeSMC & Voodoo for sound.
  5. @mnfesqis that possible to disable onboard gfx in bios ? or disabling radeon 9850 ? Can you try both separately, should boot without freeze. I'm also already on 10.8.3 12D65 and works.
  6. Gurqn

    Via VT2021 5.1 MO Patched VoodooHDA 2.8 64bit

    http://www.osx86.net/view/3607-voodoohda_2.8.2_r86_32-64bit_installer_amp;_...htmlyou can follow this one, most updated & packed.
  7. Version 1.0


    It's from Kozlek's latest branch :devilish: Update March 9 2013 Please continue to download from here for most recent version https://bitbucket.org/kozlek/hwsensors/downloads Update March 6 2013 Installer updated via Kozlek's latest branch. (Version 5.1.26)
  8. Would you please use Clover and use kext utility for updating kextcache or generating mkext
  9. Hi j4jes,In most cases should auto match but did you try following ?- Navigate into VoodoHDA.kext then right click and show content- Double click on contents folder you will see there info.plist- Modify it as;IOPCIClassMatch0x04030000&0xffff0000Replace withIOPCIPrimaryMatch0xDeviceidVendorID
  10. Gurqn

    Clover UEFI-EFI 1101

    Version 1.0


    It's Clover UEFI 1101 branch; Thanks to STLVNUB's great CloverGrower ISO just for X64
  11. Your welcome [email protected] Disabler >>> /system/library/extentionsgetdump >>> /usr/local/bin
  12. Sorry for not clarifying, installer simply install those to default locations in OSX, so that means package has an AppleHDA Disabler and you don't need to install additionally over the package.
  13. Version 1.0


    Hi mates, NOTE: If you are already using AppleHDA or VoodooHDA, please un-install it before then restart your computer and install this pkg. It's a latest VoodooHDA pack with installer from r86 branch Inhibitcache >>> NO Vectorize >>> YES applied on default Also contains ; VIA VT 2021 5.1 Patch (optional) Kext Utility (optional) Hiddens; AppleHDA Disabler getdump Installer will install those hidden packages to default location. Do NOT Forget to run Kext Utility before RESTART Enjoy!!
  14. Version 1.0


    Here we go, nodes patched and injected in latest Voodoo.

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