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    I have some OSX install guides for the Toshiba L500 available over at the im forum, same user name.
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  1. hi smartie, i have problem with my 4650m with an 17" LVDS :(

    The only configurations that works is 10.6.6 with these kexts HP DV7 2185dx - 4650m: Full Resolution with QE & CI - InsanelyMac Forum

    how can u help me ?

  2. I read :-) I saw a problem when I change user with the menù bar plugin on the right (with the user-name)

  3. smartie77

    Mobility 4650 10.8

    here is mine version ( GM seed version ) :http://www.osx86.net/view/2925-ml_-_radeon_mobility4650_shrike_lvds_toshiba_kexts.html
  4. I made today the kexts for MountainLion GM and uploaded them here. Working fine for me and this OS is really great, way better and faster then Lion.

  5. Version 1.0


    QE/CI capable Mobility 4650 Radeon ( Device ID 9480 ) for LVDS 1366x768 screen in Toshiba L500-120 Laptop. Only for this card, only for Mountain Lion ( OS X 10.8 - GM ) , only 64bits. Bonus : Readme, Booter,Kextwizard, PS/2 Keyboard+Trackpad , Sound , BIOS-CMOS-resetfix. As always : it works fine on my Machine, if not for you then sorry. Enjoy.
  6. hello hope you are well I have a problem with an ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 4670 wanted to know if I can help the VGA looks perfect but for the LVDS does not show a pink color please if you can help me my laptop is a dell 1647

  7. hello how are you hope well as edit or need to know the values ??to the framebuffer step please if you can give me a guide as I can not see my lvds well my video card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 4670

  8. smartie77

    10.7.4 LVDS kexts for Ati HD 4650mobility Toshiba

    @kif.007 No I don't know. I mod only kexts for my own usage and have no idea what to do for other hardware as I don't own any other card.. Hey, I am no professional or multi-hardware owner.. Just someone that likes to try the impossible on his own machines. ( I hated vista and win7 .. ubuntu works on my laptop, is great but lacks professional apps tragically - therefore Mac OS X was my ONLY solution.. )
  9. smartie77

    10.7.4 LVDS kexts for Ati HD 4650mobility Toshiba

    @plsh2me : don't know . Have you repaired your permissions/renewed the kextcaches and so on ? If nothing helps, just use the 10.7.3 version from me. @pma61: I don't have access to the build as I am not a paying Apple Developer - If nothing much has changed in the kexts, then the method should be the very same, provided that Apple did not change the LVDS infos in the binary. You can then easily do the modification on your own with any hex editor. See the read me document here. Else wait until 10.8 is on sale . Although I don't like the idea of switching to the very first release. Apples OSX does ALWAYS has bugs in their .0 versions. See, Lion was horrible until 10.7.2. Now I really really love it and it is fun to use it. But before.. oh my..
  10. Hi! I tried to patch mountain lion kext for mobility 4650 using your guidelines, but Apple has rewritten all binaries. If you want take a look of them you can email me... :-)[email protected]

    Sorry :P now they works! if you give me your email I can send you kexts!

  11. smartie77

    10.7.4 LVDS kexts for Ati HD 4650mobility Toshiba

    basically these are just newer , My Lion is fast and ok with them.
  12. smartie77

    10.7.4 LVDS kexts for Ati HD 4650mobility Toshiba

    well these are based on the ones from 10.7.4 delta update, so if you run 10.7.4 you should use these of course. They are tailored for the rest of the system ;-) thank you for the compliments. So far I provided from 10.6.8 to current.. the trick is always the same, see info pdf.
  13. Version 1.0


    LION 10.7.4 ( 32/64 )LVDS/Laptop Screen Drivers with 3D and Powermanagement for Toshiba L500-120 ( core2duo ) with Ati Radeon HD mobility 4650 1GB ( device id 9480!) , 15.6 inches 1366x768 based upon OSX own iMac Drivers ( uses Mobility 4670 ). ATY_INIT included for proper 3D acceleration . Put a SMBIOS of MacBookPro5.1 in your /Extra Folder for Clockgating/"Powerplay" Fan settings to work correctly. All necessary infos + screenshots what was modded is in the pdf. All working fine here - Even FinalCut X renders properly with this 2.5 year old Toshiba Laptop. So drivers work as in real mac.
  14. Version 1.0


    Notice : If you have downloaded these 11D50 kexts, you are done. The final update contains the same files, so nothing to do. for 10.7.3, FINAL = build 11D50 ATY_INIT for QE/CI, put in /S/L/E, boot with GraphicsEnabler=No. SMBIOS of MacBookPro5,1 ( recommended for Core2Duo Laptops ) or iMac9,1 or 10,1 to activate Ati Powerplay Energysaver Feature. Will only work if your Laptop outputs via LVDS Shrike Framebuffer. DeviceID = 1002 ( = ATI ) 9480 ( = HD46xx family )
  15. smartie77

    Lion 11D46 Ati4650mobility DevID 9480 Shrike FB

    @hanaheeno : ati 4650 card uses ATI4600controller.kext and RadeonX2000 plugins, so why should I edit 5000/6000 series kexts ?? I don't even know how these cards operate because I don't have any of them. I only do work for the hardware that I personally have,own and know how to edit them for Mac OS..

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