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  1. Customac

    Has AESM finally bit the dust?

    Thanks, much appreciated!
  2. Customac

    Has AESM finally bit the dust?

    Of tar & feathers.. ? ? @ Rene: that's a nice offer! I will give it a go, finally. ? Some of us can't even write Asem, but hey, we don't have to anymore.. For me, I looked at the OSX86 community, even created a nice profile name over here, years ago. But couldn't get through the howto's, have a mobo that wasn't listed and didn't understand the DSDT part. Besides, I just wanted it to work, with not too much fuzz.? ? So that's where Efix helped (me). I paid €300,- in 5 years time, for which I had a working OSX system, worth something to me.? And now it turns out it all was a scam. What some people already said for years.? Indeed, you just can't put your name on open source stuff and charge people money for it, Mr. von Vnukov, shame on you.? ? Back to OSX86.. Recently I read some howto's that did even made sense to me, so I will give it a try (I've got to ?) Question: has it become easier compared to a couple of years ago? And what's with Tony Mac, are they offering a different way? Are you competitors or just colleagues? ? best, ?Den

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