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  1. Anyway now Psystar are cooked, they don't sell computers and rebel efi anymore but are selling t-shirts and beging for money....see here: http://store.psystar.com/ Hope same thing will happen to EFI-X...they simply deserve it...
  2. thorias

    HDMI sound

    Apple TV have hdmi out with sound support....
  3. I had this king of issue and was coming from my Corsair memory ([email protected]) not being stable with my mobo, so had random kp, massive data corruption on HDD, kp popping after hours of use, so what I did immediatly after a kp soft reset and boot on a usb key with memtest 4.0 to find out thousands of ram errors!!! sometime yes sometime no very random (played with voltage setting, CAS, RAS in bios but will always end with errors on randoms bank!!), even windows seven was crashing the first time I was getting to the desktop....So put 4x2Gb kingston DDR2 800Mhz and my system is rock solid stable!!!
  4. ATOM is supported....http://redirectingat.com/?id=292X457&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgizmodo.com%2F5397241%2Fos-x-1062-does-not-ditch-atom-support-hackintosh-safe :p
  5. Again stolen code from osx86 community....see netkas blog: http://netkas.org/?p=299 :mad::mad:
  6. thorias

    Which WiFi Card for SL64?

    I Pcie card is just an adapter after you'll have to buy proper apple wifi card, for myself I'm currently using the setup in my previous post and is working 100% in SL 32 and 64bit detected straight away by the system....
  7. thorias

    Which WiFi Card for SL64?

    Guys, See my thread here: http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=286 And yes it works 100%, even during install wifi is detected straight without any kext...
  8. Your dsdt is properly patched with your gfx card?
  9. I suggest you to go with a mini10v it works 100% with SL and netbook installer...
  10. It doesn't matter 2 or 3 anrenna as you can easily remove a complete antenna on this board it's just a bolt-washer set and put any 2 or 3 antenna airport compatible card....
  11. Ihad exactly the same issue, my 10.6 was working fine after a couple of days and then start to have kp (even double kp!! the screen was getting darker until completly black at boot!! the most beautiful kp I've ever seen!!) all the time (and randomly could in 5min or in 2h40 min!!!!) with massive data corruption on the HDD, try to boot in single user fsck, rebuild caches boot with -v -f same at the end the system was dead, it self destruct!!! and this start to happen just after I installed chameleon RC3....but with PCEFIv10.1 I had no problem everything was running fine...so had to reinstall everything with PCEFIv10.1 and now I'm using boot_Think 2.3.18 and system is working very well now, not a single kp.
  12. What I did I ordered this: http://www.bplus.com.tw/Adapter/MP2W.html Then this on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220417598570&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT Then you'll have the perfect setup it is even detected during installation!!
  13. Maybe we should ask the author to see? But I doubt is doing something bad as apparently alot of chinese people is using it, see the quantity of post on his official forum. So if something was wrong there won't be so much people using it...And he released already quite a couple of update so if something was wrong somebody should have caught it... Also when you see that some people steal and make money from other people work I can understand he doesn't want to release the sources, you know what I mean....
  14. Tried it and works really nice!!

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