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Please Please Help Me

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First Let me thank you for your response.

I did read your reply but I didn't really understand it.

(told you I was dump)

I have read your post on a Bootloader.

I think I understand it but I am not sure about this.:-

4) Drag and drop your own DSDT.aml, Boot.plist and smbios.plist files into the package if you don't use mine.

What is my DSDT.aml and where would I find them on my system.

If I can get this right I would be very willing to make a large donation to this site to help keep it running.

I would also be much better than paying ASEM for a new efix.

I hope I didn't offend you with my second post.

I really just don't want to make any mistakes. Thats why I brought a new hard drive so I can remove all the drives in my system.

I will experiment will fresh install on just the new one.

I hope you understand The last thing I want to do is affend someone who is trying to help me.

Take Care and Thank Again

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OK, so did you read rabbit74's Guide and posts about his files, including a DSDT, for EX58? You can use his files, which are in his latest download file set, after downloading and unzipping them, by dragging and dropping into my package by just following the instructions. It is not hard. But I repeat that the package I uploaded for making a bootstick is designed to be used on a working Mac or Hackintosh.

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Yes I Know I am using a friend mac book to do it on.

Because my system is down and I don't want to lost any of my files.

I downloaded your package I just not sure what a DSDT is or even a Kext is

Sorry for being a pain.

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Well -- You really need to do some study here -- read the Lifehacker Guide and go to {censored}'s site for more info of the basic kind. Making a Hackintosh is not as hard as it used to be, but you still need to understand some things.

You can Google DSDT to get an idea of what it is. A kext is a driver, a kernel extension. If you look inside my package, in the Extra folder, you'll see a DSDT.aml and then in the Extensions folder you'll see some kexts. If you open rabbit74's files package, you'll see these things too, which should work on your board. Just replace everything in my Extra folder with everything in his -- just drag and drop the whole folder. Do the same with any boot files you see, like boot, boot1h, etc. Hope this helps.

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ok I think I am getting there.

I have made my boot usb stick.

My system boots from it and I get icons of all my drives But NO cd/dvd drive icon.

SL and L will not boot. When I select them it try's to boot but then I get the grey screen or the broken folder symbol.

What am I doing wrong?

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