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Please Please Help Me

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I like many of you bought I EFI-x 1.1

After updating it yesterday it stop booting my system.

I just get the grey screen. Anyway my web site in on my system (in iweb) so I don't want to format it and start again.

I am sure I can put my site off my mac os drive once I have built a new system.

I bought a EFI-x because I don't know anything about programming.

But I wanted to build a system to run Leopard and snow leopard.

I have read a lot so stuff about Chameleon and Boot 123.

Can any one help me to make a USB boot drive.

I need step by step instructions. Or is there some place I can just download a image file I can just put on a drive.

Thanks for your help

X EFI-X user

Every False Insane - eXcuse = EFIX

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I've read that Kakewalk is a slam-dunk. Alternatively, see my Guide on Bootloader Installer Package. That makes it pretty easy -- just follow the instructions. I haven't had feedback on using it with X58 but it oughta work OK.

Even better, see rabbit74's Guide just below this thread on running the EX58-UD5.

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I am looking to make a bootable usb stick using Chameleon or Boot 123.

Thats work like a EFix. Is this posable?

Right now I have 4 Hard Drives.

1 is leopard

2 is snow leopard

3 is windows 7

4 is a save drive formatted ntfs so I can swap file between os's

Today I bought a new 4 gig usb stick and a new hard drive to try to do this.

My EFIX is no longer working after I updated it yesterday. When I posted my views on ASEM's forum yesterday I was banned. (I don't think they like being told the truth)

So I can no longer boot into leopard or snow leopard.

As my wed site was built using iweb I can't edit it or post update's and I use my site for my business.

Is this posable? I have NO programming skills at all and I would need step by step instruction.

I am sorry about this I am a dummy.

I just hope someone can help me. I really really don't want to buy a new efix.

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I'm not trying to be snarky here, but it sounds like you didn't read my answer to your first post, where a great couple-three starting points were listed. The short answer is that yes you can have a USB bootstick that works better than EFi-X.

Try following those threads I listed, then come back.

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Richiem, I understand your angriness because it seems that Mobile did not read your peace of advice at all. The guides you mentioned are all well done and very sophisticated but nearly none describes the preparation of a boot option (USB/DVD) from a windows machine. And this is all that is left for Mobile.

Kalkwalk mentioned this possibility for a Boot DVD (Kakewalk legacy) but this solution will not work on EX58 and P55 chipsets (according to the documention). Therefore Mobile is on a dead-end street.

Only solution for him could be using a Linux Live-CD to get the stick formated with HFS (GPT) and then transfer the neccessary files to the stick. But I know if dd from Linux will work with Chameleon to make the stick bootable. Or do I miss something?

Maybe the bootloader BootThink could be a solution for Mobile. I found it at kexts.com, available for Windows.

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@scatman -- I think that Bootthink does work based on things I've read online. Your point is good -- but I've found that many Windows users have friends or know someone with a Mac, which is why they got interested in the first place. If that's the case, then it's pretty straightforward to make a bootstick and to format and load OSX onto a bare drive that's connected to an internal SATA port in desktop Macs or via USB and an external case with laptops.

The Ubuntu Live CD is a good solution by all accounts, but I've never used it, so can't comment on it.

I wasn't angry, just making the point that reading and considering the resources available here and elsewhere is an important first step in this process.

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