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Info for those wanting to dual boot OS X/Windows7

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After getting OSX up and running 99.9%, I turned my attention to getting my Windows 7 install to boot through chameleon...

This is what would happen: If I tried to boot into Windows7, it would start to boot, flash a blue screen and then reboot. The next time I would get the option to repair or start normally, but neither worked.

I found that if I switched from AHCI to IDE (disabled) in BIOS, Windows7 would boot normally, but then OS X would hang on boot.

Turns out the solution is very simple. The problem arises if you have not installed the AHCI drivers in Windows during the installation. Trying to just install them post installation will render your drive unbootable. To avoid this, simply follow these steps:

Turn off AHCI and boot into Windows.

Click start (the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen) and in the search box type regedit, then hit return and launch registry editor.

In the right hand column, navigate to the proper registry subkey like so:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >System >CurrentControlSet >Services >Msahci

When you get to Msachi, right click Start (under Name) and choose Modify.

Change the Value Data to be 0 (that's a zero) and hit OK.

Close the program and exit Windows.

Go back into BIOS and change back to AHCI mode.

The next time you log into Windows, it will automatically install the drivers and ask you to restart. After restarting, you're good to go!

So this is nothing Earth shattering, and this info is all over the internet, but if you are wanting to dual boot and you didn't already know this, I just saved you at least 3 seconds of tedious Google searching! Use the time you just saved to write a Novel or... ok, maybe just the letter Q. :P

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Hi Knotty,

thanks for the info. Do you can shut down Win7 normally? I have got the problem that a shut down or a restart hangs in the Windows Screen for hours. I can only shut down the computer hard. Do you got the same problem? I use the actual Win7 MSDNAA build and have installed Windows without Chameleon or Efix and just select the Win-Harddrive from Chameleon to boot into.

Thanks, marcos

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