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Lenovo G50-80 (AMD graphics version) graphics, power managerment, trackpad and audio, etc.


Hi, I have a Lenovo G50-80. I have finished the installation process of macOS Mojave. However, I cannot get any of my hardware working, although I have followed many tutorials and this video (Thanks a lot, anyway): Install Mojave 10.14.2 and Win 10 on Lenovo G50-80 or similar laptops (Hackintosh). So finally I'm opening a post here, and hope someone can help me out, thanks!


Laptop Specification

This is my hardware specification on Lenovo official website.

I have also used the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to get my system information on Windows 10. See screenshots below:






At present, I have used Clover configuration provided by  @DUBZeeD (in the Youtube video) and some of my own configurations, however, I still have the following problems:

1. The Intel graphics 5500 shows as 7MB in 'About this mac'.

2. The audio is working when I installed the VoodooHDA.kext, however, only the earphone will work, but the speakers will not have sounds when music is playing.

3. The trackpad and mouse issue can be solved by using VoodooPS2Controller.kext, however, when I hit the touchpad, it won't click the items on the screen, but I have to use the two parts below the trackpad.

4. Power management not working.


I have read so many posts that I'm kind of messy, can you explain me how can I fix these problems? 


Can you help me out, @DUBZeeD, thank you very much. I have attached my EFI folder in this post ( EFI.zip ). (I have put all kexts under CLOVER/kexts/other, none at S/L/E or L/E.)

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