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Dell Inspirion N5040

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basic run down of the steps ive taken so far... working 10.6.8 will keep this updated. Didnt find much in the line of info for this laptop when I was beginning so thought id share what ive learned so far to possibly help someone else


  • Install osx 10.6 retail- with iB{censored}
  • download 10.6.8 combo?update & MB{censored} SL edition & Kext wizard with 10.6.7 ACPI/PCI kexts?
  • run combo?update ?(do not restart) run MB{censored}-easybeast include Kexts FakeSMC IOUSBFAMILY Rollback - nullcpupowermanagement run and close
  • kext wizard install appleacpiplatform & iopcifamily in both system/library/extensions and extra/extenison?
  • delete all appleintelhdgraphics.kext in system/library/extensions?
  • kext wizard maitness system/library/extensions repair & rebuild
  • resart pc boot to 10.6.8 boot with iB{censored}


Updated able to 10.9 working?


  • uB{censored} create the bootable usb
  • after it finishes go to S/L/E delete all appleintelhd.kexts or you will boot to a nasty grey jumbled screen
  • boot from usb should have full gfx and keyboard trackpad should be working
  • CLEAN INSTALL ONLY do not try to upgrade it turns out BAD (just ask me ill tell ya :-) )?
  • reboot from usb
  • Go to S/L/E Delete?


  • kext wizard install included appleintelhdkexts /Wifi kext / included voodoo kext in S/L/E?
  • run MB{censored} easybeast is fine install bootloader ... DO NOT INSTALL ANY KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD realted kexts... you will be boned.
  • repair permisions/rebuild kext cache reboot
  • Should have 100% working QE/CI trackpad/keyboard wifi app store bootloader


10.6.8 stuff.zip

10.9 stuff.zip

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