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DO NOT DELETE the Setup.app located in /applications/setup.app

Inside the folder there are several files Setup.app the (Info.plist) on (Multiterms.xml) on (ResourceRules.plist) and (Setup-Entitlements.plist) open the files with iFile and look the same files are opened and look for differences in the variables (True or False) so that the files on your iPhone will stay the same files that I've been through.

Then we went to (/var/Mobile/Library/Preferences/com.apple.purplebuddy.plist)

And we verify the following rows if the value (True) (ActivationState) on (SetupDone) on (SetupState) on (WildcardActivated) on (RestoreChoice) and (SetupFinishedAllSteps) some lines that I name can not have them then add them to the file from your iDevice

Add the file to the Preference.app General.plist folder on your iPhone, and you also have to modify the data_ark (/ var / root / Library / Lockdown) and change the variable (BrickState) to the value (True).


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i downloaded the file (2.6 mb) but in the video I saw a file named com.apple.purplebuddy please send me a link to download it

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